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Competence and experience in holistic medicine
Practice for apheresis & orthomolecular medicine & orthomolekulare Medizin

We always guarantee you a one-to-one care. Afterall: A trustworthy and long-term cooperation with our patients is our greatest concern in our practice for holistic medicine. We intend to strengthen and maintain your health – prevent illnesses before they arise.

Practice for apheresis, holistic and orthomolecular medicine

Dear patients and visitors,

Many thanks for visiting our website, where we hope you can find out more about our practice, small team and, above all, our services.

Our main goal is to apply our knowledge and capabilities for your individual well-being – in a holistic way. This means that we look at people in their complexity as body, mind and soul, also taking broader living conditions into account. There is a specialist doctor for almost all diseases. However, in many cases it really is not enough to focus on a single aspect alone. This is why we have a holistic approach to treatment. We want to get to the root of the symptoms, identify connections and fix the cause of the disease.
Above all, we aim to prevent health problems, even before any symptoms arise.

Alongside methods of ‘conventional’ modern medicine, we offer a wide range of alternative treatment methods: from apheresis as a detox procedure to holistic medicine, orthomolecular blood analysis and infusion therapies. We particularly strive to offer you one-to-one care. You will always be personally cared for by our team of a doctor and registered nurse during the treatment.
We take the time you need and see ourselves as personal support on the way to better quality of life and greater well-being.

Trustworthy care for our patients is a particular focus. Our holistic approach includes individual advice, comprehensive explanations and treatment that is tailored to you. With specialist knowledge and a friendly approach, we ensure that you feel comfortable and in good hands.

Dieter Schmidt and Berta Lommer
– Doctor & Registered Nurse –

Our services

Whether apheresis, holistic medicine or orthomolecular infusion therapy – we tend to your bodily and mental health with competence and sustaining effects.


  • Innovative blood purification as a detox procedure
  • Modern medical procedure
  • Outstanding clinical results

Holistic medicine

  • Body & mind integration
  • Researching causes, instead of just treating symptoms
  • Connections between motor system, organs and mental health

Orthomolecular medicine

  • Treating disease and preserving health
  • Identifying deficiencies through blood tests
  • Replenishing micronutrients on an individual basis